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Международный центр ПАРАБОЛА- индивидуальное и групповое обучение иностранным языкам в Санкт-Петербурге

Индивидуальное и групповое обучение иностранным языкам в Санкт-Петербурге

русский как иностранный

On-line тест по английской лексике

    Ваше имя (обязательно)

    Ваш E-Mail (обязательно)

    Ваш телефон (обязательно)

    Ваш город (обязательно)

    Как вы о нас узнали?

    Подберите правильные значения

    Benedict Kenneth James was born in 1971. He was (1) in a small town (2) Sunnybridge.
    1) a) risenb) deliveredc) brought upd) cultivated
    2) a) titledb) calledc) knownd) recognized

    His father was a bank manager and his mother was a doctor. They are both retired now. They lived in a pretty, suburban neighbourhood and he had a very happy childhood. He (3) well at school and (4) all his exams.
    3) a) didb) madec) preparedd) reached
    4) a) tookb) failedc) createdd) passed

    When he was a teenager, he played sports with his friends and helped old people (5) his free time.
    5) a) withb) atc) ind) about

    He never got into (6).
    6) a) problemb) situationc) incidentd) trouble

    When he (7) school he (8) a university and studied economics. When he was 21 years old, he started working for a bank.
    7) a) graduatedb) leftc) gave upd) quit
    8) a) enteredb) preparedc) came intod) arrived

    A year later he (9) his first band, The Sugar Pops.
    9) a) picked upb) joinedc) connectedd) collaborated

    They played at birthday parties and (10). He married his childhood sweetheart, Nancy, four years ago.
    10) a) divorcesb) engagementsc) groomsd) weddings

    They (11) live in their (12) town. They have a young son. His name is Bobby.
    11) a) yetb) alreadyc) so fard) still
    12) a) domesticb) housec) homed) private

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